Artifact Categories, Postclassic

Postclassic Artifacts Categories

Axe Heads, Greenstone and Serpentine
Axe Head, Copper
Beads, Shell and Stone
Bells, Copper
Cache Vessels, Ceramic
Censer, Ceramic, Composite
Censer, Ceramic, Effigy
Cups, Ceramic
Cups, Ceramic, Quincunx
Eccentric Lithic Objects
Figurines, Reused Classic period
Foil, Copper Alloy
Foil, Tumbaga
Human Remains (Caution, photos may be disturbing to some viewers)
Marine Shell, Conch
Obsidian Tools
Points, Larger Bifacial, Chert
Points, Small Side-Notched (Chert and Obsidian)
Sculpture, Limestone
Shark Teeth
Stingray Spines

Other Resources

Project Ceramics
Other Online Resources, Postclassic period
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