Late Postclassic and Colonial period Nixtun-Ch’ich’


Postclassic and Colonial period settlements have been found at Nixtun-Ch’ich’ in Sector QQ (Middle to Late Postclassic period), Sector WW (Middle to Late Postclassic period), Sector XX (Contact or Colonial period), and Sector ZZ (Colonial period). See map below.

Our Aim

From 2013 to 2015, Proyecto Itza paid particular attention to the southwest portion of the site. This community covered over 500 meters of the south shore of the site (Sectors PP, QQ, and RR). In addition to the focus upon these sectors, we excavated test units across the site and surveyed over 85,000 points with a total station. The primary goal of the project was to investigate the Chak’an Itza.


Sector PP        Sector RR         Sector QQ         Test Units

Documents (note: Field Work Data is not yet available to non-project members)

Field Manual

1995 Field Season, Nixtun-Ch’ich’

2006 Field Season, Nixtun-Ch’ich’

2007 Field Season, Nixtun-Ch’ich’

2013 Field Season, Nixtun-Ch’ich’

2014 Field Season, Nixtun-Ch’ich’

2015 Field Season, Nixtun-Ch’ich’