Middle Postclassic-Contact Period Architecture


Middle Postclassic-Contact period architecture is frequently referred to in derogatory terms–often because the researcher is interested in that of other time periods. Worse yet, it has frequently been ignored. Thus, not only are these periods poorly known, but most studies of the Classic period collapse are based on a biased and inaccurate picture of the aftermath.

Middle Postclassic-Contact period architecture is difficult to characterize as it is highly variable. Its masonry ranges from nicely coursed cut stone masonry to  random rubble. A single building can include several masonry styles. Yet, some sites are more variable than others, so even these characteristics are inconsistent.  Thus, at best, one might note that Middle Postclassic-Contact period masonry seems less standardized than that of the Late Classic period (AD 600-800).

Building Styles
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