Zacpeten, Structure 764, Inked Plan

Zacpeten Structure 764


Structure 764 stands on the eastern side of Group C facing into the plaza and towards Structure 766. It is the tallest building in the group and in the central location.  Several hundred ceramic censer sherds and other objects were found on its floor. Based upon its form and artifacts, Structure 764 has been interpreted as a temple.

Detailed Description of Structure 764 (Pugh 2001)

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Field Forms

Zacpeten_Str.764_Excavation Forms_A.

Zacpeten_Str.764_Excavation Forms_B.

Zacpeten_Str.764_Field Drawings_A

Zacpeten_Str.764_Field Drawings_B

Other Notes

Zacpeten_Str.764_ artifactcount

Zacpeten_Str.764_censers, notes (cryptic)