Zacpeten, Str 766, Line Drawing, Inked

Zacpeten Structure 766


Structure 766 stands in Group C of Zacpeten immediately west of Structure 764, a temple. It is divided into two parts, Structure 766A, a long low structure with a circular shrine at its west end, and Structure 766B, a small rectangular masonry altar. Two additional masonry altars stand upon Structure 766A, Feature 766A-1 and Feature 766A-2. Based upon its position, Structure 766 has been interpreted as a statue shrine, though no statuary other than ceramic effigy censers were associated with the building.

Detailed Description of Structure 766 (Pugh 2001)

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Field Notes

Zacpeten, Str.766, Excavation Forms

Zacpeten, Str.766, Excavation Drawings

Zacpeten_Str.766_ artifact count

Zacpeten_Str.766_ notes, censers

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