Itza Archaeology

Nixtun-Ch'ich', Peten, Guatemala
Nixtun-Ch’ich’, Peten, Guatemala


The Itza Archaeological Project is investigating the various culture
groups that occupied the Petén Lakes region of Petén , Guatemala from its first occupation by Maya peoples over 3000 years ago until the conquest of the region by the Spaniards. The project also seeks to involve local Guatemalan communities in archaeology.

The purpose of this website is to store the data of the project and to allow other researchers and students access to this data. This site is under construction. New material is being added weekly and the site will become increasingly legible.

Nathan Meissner and Prudence Rice Make the News! See their interesting work on stone point residues.


tenoned reptile head by Timothy Pugh
tenoned reptile head by Timothy Pugh




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